The CHHS publishes a newsletter with historical reports and photographs, upcoming events, and plans.
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2019 Fall
Vol 21 Issue 2
Canals, Coal and Cement by Steven Schimmrich
Message from the President
Condolences – Catherine “Cathy” Brooks
Welcome New Board Members!
Summer Events photos
Annual Meeting Preview: John Cox
2019 Spring
Vol 21 Issue 1
The Rondout Formation by Steven Schimmrich
A Message from the President
Condolences – Anita Williams Peck, Tomas Robert Simalchik
What We’ve Been Up To
2018 Fall
Vol 20 Issue 2
Of Mines and Mushrooms by Steven Schimmrich
A Message from the President
Condolences – Carol A. Perez
Look Back to Last Season
2018 Spring
Vol 20 Issue 1
A Quarry Caves In by Steven Schimmrich
Message from the Current President and the Past President
Tree work
A Look Back to Last Season
Selected 2018 Season Events
2017 Fall
Vol 19 Vol 1 (sic)
Indelible Memories by Judith A. Boggess: Personal memories of growing up in Rosendale in the mid 20th century.
Proud of our Educational Mission
Speaking of Trees: The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Devastates!
The Riverside Inn of Rosendale, The Ritters, and the Exciting Travels of Lena & Lars
Eotechnic Sensorium: CHHS Projects 2017
The Strange Ones: hits the 2017 Woodstock Film Festival. Scenes filmed at the Widow Jane Mine.
2017 Events Recap
2016 Fall Vol 19 Issue 1 Making Acquaintance with T. R. Keator: How the enameled bricks from Leeds, England found their way to Rosendale
Especially for the Brick Aficionado: Enameled or Glazed Bricks?
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
CHHS 2016 season: Cementing History and the Arts
2015 Fall
 Vol 18(sic) Issue 2
The Hustle & Bustle of Whiteport
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
Beers 1875 Atlas of Ulster County: But Who Was F.W. Beers?
2015 Season Photos
The Balcony Brackets of Rosendale
2015 Summer
Vol 17 Issue 1
High Bridge Restoration Complete
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
Think Tank Thank You – Andrea Frank, Assistant Professor SUNY New Paltz
CHHS Projects 2015: Excavate – curated by Laura Johansen
John Bloomfield Jervis
The “Disappearing Arches” of High Bridge: Ending the Confusion
Big Fun: The Croton Aqueduct Puzzles
Invitation to “Recasting the History of Rosendale Cement”
2015 Album: Society Volunteers Making it Happen
2014 Fall 
Vol 16 Issue 2
Fatal Dynamite Explosion in Lawrenceville, 1888 – Peggy Whalen
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
Frying, Toasting & Baking Dynamite and Photos – Peggy Whalen
Article on Miners (from the Hudson Valley Times)-Michael Asbill
Sekel Family Estate Bench
2014 Spring
Vol 16 Issue 1
Links to the Past – Steven Shimmrich
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
Miners : An Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition on the Snyder Estate – Laura Moriarty, curator
Walks & Talks at the Snyder Estate: Geology Walk with Steven Shimmrich
Bird Walk with Linda Fagan, sponsored by the John Burroughs Natural History Society
Connections: The Honk Falls to Kingston Electric Line – Gail Whistance
Pete Seeger vs. the Un-Americans – talk and Book Signing by Ed Renehan
2013 Fall
vol. 15 issue 2
Greetings From Australia — David Prentiss
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
KIOSK Project interpretive signs on the new section of the Walkill Valley Rail Trail
Photos of recent events Ikebana for the TAIKO Masala performance, film shoots in the Widow Jane Mine
Rosendale NY Baseball Team in 1904 (photo)
2013 Summer
vol. 15 issue 1
The 1920 Wanless Report — Steven Schimmrich. A report on the geology of the natural cement region.
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
No Whiskey Here! — Contrary to popular belief, Brooklyn’s Widow Jane Whiskey has no relationship with the CHHS!
Summer Solstice Sounds Amy McTear’s Community Harmonic Choir
Scouting at the Mine 91st Sojourners troop spend an overnight on the property.
2010 Summer
vol. 12 issue 2
The Delesserts of Geneva, Lyon, Paris … and Rosendale? — Marc MacDonald
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
Let There Be Light (new generator)
Educators, Rockhounds, and Fencers visit
Success, Silent Preservation, And An Appeal To Our Members (Dietrich Werner Memorial Fund) — The Board
Events: Treasure Bazaar Mega-Sale, Fall Clean-Up Day, 20th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival
2010 Spring
vol. 12 issue 1
Remembering Dietrich E. Werner (1942-2009)
A Message from the President — Anne Gorrick
Bricks from the Lawrence Cement Company and the F.O. Norton Cement Works — David Moyer
Dietrich Werner Memorial Fund and Contributors
For 2010 SEASON SPECIAL EXHIBIT: “Abandoned Mines of the Rosendale Cement Region” by photographer Dan Lopez
Events: Thrift Sale, Spring Spruce-Up Day
2009 Fall
vol. 11 issue 3
Echo Lodge ~ Cottekill, N.Y.
Rosendale Cement via Clipper Ship to California
A Message from the President — Dietrich Werner
Additions to the Society Library
A Busy Summer at the Snyder Estate: Wayne Russell and Julie Roseleus Wedding, Picnic,
Rosendale Street Festival
Hate Not Your Brother Filming,
Father Divine Lecture,
19th Annual Subterranean Poetry reading,
Rosendale Banners fly over the Hudson,
Ice Cream Social
2009 Summer
vol. 11 issue 2
The Industrial Archeology of a Rosendale Cement Works at Whiteport
A Message from the President — Dietrich Werner
Additions to the Society Library
Spruce Up Day
Visit from Wappingers Central School
In the Belfry: Bats Toll in Rosendale by Christopher Spatz
2009 SIA Fall Tour
Wood Duck houses installed
Trail Work on the Snyder Estate
177 Year Old Cement Letter Donated: Canvass White to Hugh White
Industrial Archeology at Whiteport book
Upcoming Events
2009 Spring vol. 11 issue 1 Cement Girls for Spruce-up Day
A Message from the President — Dietrich Werner
Additions to the Society Library
Rock Lock
Events: IOCA Conference April 24-26
Rambling on the Rondout Bard College Lifetime Learning Institute To Visit Snyder Estate,
Cement & Brick Production in Ulster County, NY
Historic Postcards
1898 Rosendale Croatian Benevolent Association
Bootlegging in a Mushroom Cave — Mr. Johanson
Murder Mysteries, Cement Mines,& Mushrooms
Concrete On Main Street
Modern Design Exhibit & Rosendale Retrospective
Hudson-Fulton Celebration at the Snyder Estate
2007 Winter vol. 9 issue 4 Milwaukee Cement Company (Part III) —
A Message from the President — Dietrich Werner
Additions to the Society Library
CD Images Donated to the Society Library
St. Peter’s Temperance Society “T.A.B.” Items Discovered
Davis & Veeder’s, Main Street, Rosendale
1850 Book on Lime and Cement Donated to the Society Library
Jos. A. Fleming: Do You Remember?
2007 Fall
vol. 9 issue 3
Rondout: Lime, Bricks, Cement, Bluestone, Millstones: Special Presentation by John F. Matthews
Cottekill-Binnewater Schol Distr. No. Five.
A Trip Back in Time – Kenechi Ugwoke
Restoration of the American Museum of Natural History – Michael Edison
Consolidated Rosendale Cement Co. Watch Fob Found
St. Peter’s T.A.B. Society of Rosendale, NY
Society Acquisitions Fund Started
Whipple, 1890s Era Rosendale Photographer
Cement Rates via Deleware & Hudson Canal for the Year 1876
2007 Summer
vol. 9 issue 2
Carnival of Minstrelsy: 1915 Rosendale Fire Department  Benefit Program
Additions to the Society
A Message from the President – Dietrich Werner
Summer 2007 at the Snyder Estate: Treasure Bazaar
Taiko Masala
Hudson Valley Poets Fest 2007
Boston College geological field mapping exercise in Rosendale
Keeping Natural Cement Alive
Rosendale Cement Sold in Philadelphia
Bluestone Festival (Kingston NY)
Rosendale Cement at The City Reliquary Museum, Brooklyn, NY
Do You Remember? (photos)
2007 Spring vol. 9 issue 1General Quincy A. Gilmore
Additions to the Society  Library
Message From The President – Dietrich Werner
Spring 2007 at the Snyder Estate
Hydraulic Lime or Cement
Discovery of Rosendale Cement 1825 not 1826
Mortar by R. L. Pell
1895 Binnewater Store Ledger added to Society Collections Binnewater postmasters
Cash received
Collection of Early New Jersey and Pennsylvania Portland Cement Company Letters
The Return of American Natural Cement
2006 Winter vol. 8 issue 4Wallkill Valley Railroad Trestle at Rosendale
Message From The President – Dietrich Werner
Welcome new Members
Additions to the Society Library
Society Annual Meeting: A Celebration of Success
William Beard wants more Rosendale Cement (1847 letter found)
1898 Providence R.I. Irish Patriotic Publication Contains Advertisement for Hoffman Rosendale Cement
1892 & 1904 Rosendale Maps
Field Trip to the Birthplace of American Natural Cement
A Creek Locks Photo Album 1909 – 1923
2006 Fall
vol. 8 issue 3
2006 Summer
vol. 8 issue 2
2006 Spring
vol. 8 issue 1
2005 Winter
vol. 7 issue 4
2005 Fall
vol. 7 issue 3
2005 Summer
vol. 7 issue 2
2005 Spring
vol. 7 issue 1
2004 Fall-Winter vol. 6 issue 3&4
2000 Spring vol. 2 Issue 1