Subterranean Poetry Festival 2019

The 29th Annual Subterranean Poetry Fest returns
September 7th 2019 1-4 pm!

The Subterranean Poetry Festival is curated this year by Christopher Funkhouser. Poetry and music in the Mine is a fantastic and unforgettable experience!

The 29th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival presents a diverse mixture of local and regional writers who keep busy keeping their and minds on worlds at large. As with other events curated by Chris Funkhouser at Widow Jane Mine, expect a unique blend of voices whose aesthetics are often experimental and multimodal. Poet-critics, poet-musicians, poet-videographers, poet-mememakers, or photographers who also use language to interpret the cosmos, mass media, and pathways before them will take the stage at this year’s festival.

Come see and hear these poets! (this is the official list)