Taiko Masala

Taiko Masala & New York Suwa Taiko Association

In the Widow Jane Mine

on July 15, 2018, 3PM-5PM!

 They perform a traditional combination of dance, martial arts, and extremely percussive music on huge, hand made drums and other traditional Japanese instruments  in the awesome and literally cool Widow Jane Mine!

  • Gates open hour before event.
  • $20, all tickets sold at the event only. Cash payment / no credit cards.
  • As with all events in the Widow Jane Mine, bring a folding chair, and dress for cool weather, even if it’s the middle of summer.


Widow Jane Mine Concert Program:

1. Demasay Hiro Kurashima & Taiko Masala
2. G Train Kurashima & Taiko Masala
3. Amano-Naru-Tatsuo Dai-Kagura Daihachi Oguchi
4. Awa no Kaze Traditional Arranged by Taiko Masala
5. Chichibu Yatai-Bayashi Traditional
6. Kiyari-Uta Traditional
7. Hiryu Sandan-Gaeshi Daihachi Oguchi
8. Suwako-Bayashi Daihachi Oguchi
9. Tarantula Hiro Kurashima & Taiko Masala
10.Hibiki Kurashima & Taiko Masala
11.Isamigoma-Dengaku Daihachi Oguchi

Directed by Hiro Kurashima
Choreographed by Reiko Ueno Russell

Taiko Masala  (http://taikomasala.com)
New York Taiko Aiko Kai (NYTAK) (http://nytak.blogspot.com)
Ninja Taiko

From their website:
Taiko Masala has thrilled audiences throughout the US with performances of Japan’s traditional drumming – Taiko.

Founded by Master drummer Hiro Kurashima, Taiko Masala performes at concerts, festivals, museums and schools, in addition to its active teaching schedule.

By combining the training and discipline of Japanese martial arts with the precision and power of complex drumming, Taiko Masala brings visually stunning and breathless excitement to their performances.

Their arsenal of instruments, all hand made by the ensemble, range from small eight-inch hand-held drums, to five foot barrel drums, and features the giant 250 pound O-daiko. Japanese instruments including Shakuhachi, Fue, Koto, and dancing add richness and color to their programs.