Crowns with R. Dionysius Whiteurs

mellencamp + Crowns 009


As a Benefit for Century House Historical Society, R. Dionysius Whiteurs read from his new book, “Crowns I Have Made” with the actual crowns on display in the Century House Museum. Poets, artists, and friends Mikhail Horowitz, Lawrence Adamo, Joseph St. George, Rob Beekman, Margie Meyers, Ronnie Simon, and James Luckner performed various roles in support of this event.

The reading on Sept 21st, 2014 included an elaborate mock-naval battle (circa 1900), a full-scale coronation (Set to classical music), a dramatic chant or two, and both serious drama and classic humor.

Poems included:
1. From the Mouth of a Rosendale Cave
2. On the Isthmus of St. George
3. Lorna Poema
4. Silent Poem #3 (The Coronation of Art)
5. Silent Poem #5 (Dusk in A-flat Major), a premiere