Pop Up Events 2019

This year, the Century House Historical Society will be enticing you to visit the Snyder Estate with a series of Special Pop-Up Days!

Pop-up event days take place during normal museum hours, Sundays 1-4 pm, with a $5 donation or $10 for families.
While you are popping up with your friends and family, take the time to walk the estate trails, and visit the Rosendale Cement District Museum and the carriage collection.

Come Blow Your Horn! June 23, 2019 – Brass, reed, and woodwind players are encouraged to excite the natural reverb in the Widow Jane Mine! Take this opportunity to hear this amazing space and jam with other musicians.
Vox Clamantis Sub Terra! July 7, 2019 – Scream into the Void of the Widow Jane Mine and get it out of your system! Unleash your inner Pee-Wee, scream primally, fry your vocals, Death Metal a capella, show off your Tuvan throat singing chops, bring your choir and chase out the demons, or just be loud.
Photo And Drawing Day! July 28, 2019 – Set your F-Stop to 1.4 or less, bring a tripod and discover the beauty of the Widow Jane Mine, the trails, the sculptures, the pond, the slip, the kilns, the spillway! The Synder Estate also has many suitable subjects for drawing and painting: the pillars of the Widow Jane Mine, the ruins of factory buildings and kilns, the nature trails, artworks, and more.

Victorian Picnic Day! Come on down, Earnest, Algy, Gwendolen, Cecily and even you, Miss Prism, and picnic on the grounds of the Snyder Estate!
Bring a blanket, snacks from the Rosendale Farmer’s Market and your $5.00 donation for some splendor in the grass. Steampunk Victorians on the lawns beside the carriage barns and goth Victorians – feel free to picnic in the mine. Selfie opportunities in carriages from the A.J. Snyder II collection, in the mine and on our beautiful grounds. Picnic fun and frolic in costumed splendor. Positively no hard liquor or littering.

Widstock! Don your bell bottoms and peasant blouses, Flower children, and grab a Guitar (acoustic please) and come on down to Widstock! Come celebrate in the spirit and intent of the original festival!
Note: no illegal herbs or chemicals allowed!