Sarah Perrotta , Dagmara, and NATASHA 2022

Women of Song and September 11th Concert

Sarah Perrotta’s well orchestrated tunes and Dagmara’s solo voice, and Natasha as well, make for a good 9/11 remembrance concert. Show begins at 3PM,

Sarah Perrotta

New York chanteuse Sarah Perrotta’s alluring voice and thoughtful piano driven songs navigate the depths of jazz complexity dressed in pop sensibility.  Born into a musical family, Sarah Perrotta has been singing and composing music on the piano since early childhood.  She recently released her fourth studio album entitled “Blue to Gold”, produced by legendary drummer Jerry Marotta.
Sarah tours worldwide with her band and has performed and recorded with notables Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates) Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), Garth Hudson (The Band), Sara Lee (The B52s, Gang of Four), Robert Greenall (The Fixx), Gerry Leonard (David Bowie), Guster, Jason Colette of Broken Social Scene and many others.

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DAGMARA is the project of Phoebe Heretz, a songwriter and performer based in New Paltz, NY. Phoebe is a recent graduate of the Studio Composition program from the music conservatory at SUNY Purchase.

Dagmara will showcase her most spiritual and melancholic songs to fit the cavernous Widow Jane Mine. She will play solo to let her voice and instruments call out to the spaces in the mine.” 

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Allowing sound and song to carry prayers and vibration that enlivens the spirit is how and why NATASHA sings. The intention she brings to her songs has a foundation in chanting and sacred music along with her Classical vocal training. NATASHA’s recent album “Unearth” carries within it a glimpse into the many colors of emotion and translates as a vibrational representation of how music stirs the soul.

Having grown up in the Hudson Valley then leaving to travel and study music and the healing arts in places like India, Morocco, Switzerland, and Belize, NATASHA has firm roots in southern Ulster County.

“Heartfelt and soulful, Unearth is a beautiful collection of love, loss, peace and unending spirit.”

Heather Masse of Wailin’ Jennys

“NATASHA’s album “UNEARTH” is a deep mellow self-care for the soul. Light some candles, draw yourself a bath and melt into this lush, sensual love poem to the divine. It’s music that you listen to by yourself, to reflect and recenter in those private ceremonial moments.”

Holy River

“Vocalist and poet NATASHA’s debut album “Unearth” is a soulful journey of self realization and transformation. Her soothing and earthy voice sails through the depths of Gospel to the heights of Opera while always remaining honest, open and focused on her heartfelt prayer. “Unearth” fuses esoteric mysticism with the roots of Blues, Jazz, Classical and a touch of Rock and Roll. Both worldly and familiar , NATASHA’s voice is a beacon of light and feminine power, unfurling like a radiant flower after a storm.”

Sarah Perrotta