Parlor Beyond Jazz Collective 2022

Local Jazz musicians curated by The Parlor in New Paltz.

Featuring Peyton Pleninger –

Peyton Pleninger is an emerging tenor saxophonist, improviser, bandleader and conceptualist, forging a personal path that challenges the boundaries of what it means to be a musician. Pleninger’s experience involves a variety of disciplines centered around music, which also includes astrology, painting and sculpture, botany, construction, massage and medical inquiry. Born April 7, 1996, just outside of Philadelphia, Peyton switched from piano to saxophone when he was gifted a hand me down tenor at age 13. From 2019-2021, he worked as a mentee of Milford Graves, an experience which gave him a strong vision of new methods to practice, research, and share music. 

In February 2022, Peyton purchased the defunct Browns Hilltop Tavern in Stone Ridge, and is renovating it into a venue and arts residency. The Tavern is a space for artists across many disciplines to come together and study from a holistic perspective, and perform in a relaxed setting.