Stories of Rosendale

Walter G. Williams’

Stories of Rosendale

On a cold winter’s night in 1986, Walter Williams sat with a handful of guests in front of a crackling fire overlooking Williams Lake and told what he knew of the history of Rosendale.  Fortunately, one of the guests had a camcorder.  What follows is an edited transcript of that videotape, presented here with the kind permssion of Walter’s daughter, Anita Williams Peck.

Here is a portion of the recording in Walter Williams’ own voice, with a slideshow, c/o Jason Adams, from YouTube:

Table of Contents

Foreward by Marianne Williams

    Chapter 6  A.J.Snyder
Introduction     Chapter 7  Century Cement
Chapter 1  Coal     Chapter 8  Mushrooms
Chapter 2  Canals     Chapter 9  Portland
Chapter 3  Cement     Chapter 10  Fallout
Chapter 4  Ups and Downs     Chapter 11  Rails . . .
Chapter 5  Samuel Coykendall     Chapter 12  . . . to Trails

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