The Society Library

Society Founder Dietrich Werner was a voracious collector of books on the Cement Industry, Rosendale, and all things related to the estate. The CHHS Archives holds his collection of books, catalogued as they came in in successive issues of the Natural News. Contact the CHHS at to access these volumes.

Here is a list of the Library Contents:

v7 issue 3 Additions to the Society Library 

  1. Geological Survey of Kansas. Vol. V. Report on Gypsum and Gypsum Cement Plaster. Topeka, Ka. 1899.
  2. Pulverized Coal. [for cement kilns] Bulletin No. 15. Fuller Engineering Co. Allentown, Pa. 1919.
  3. Roads & Pavements. Fred P. Spalding. New York 1895. (1st Edition)
  4. Roads & Pavements. Fred P. Spalding. New York 1904. (2nd Edition)
  5. A Girls Life Eighty Years Ago, Selections from the Letters of Eliza Southgate Bowne. Clarence Cook. New York. 1887.
  6. Oregon Engineer Vol. 1. No. 1. April 1909.
  7. On the Composition of Ancient Cements and Ro
    sendale Cements. Arthur Beckwith. Read at the June 16, 1869 Meeting of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

V 8 issue 1 Additions to the Society Library 

  1. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Ulster County, N.Y. for 1871-2. Hamilton Child. Syracuse 1871.
  2. Pit & Quarry Hand Book For the Sand, Gravel, Stone, Cement, Gypsum, and Lime Industries. Complete Service Publishing Co. Chicago 1923.
  3. Deutsche Portland-Cement-und Beton-Industrie auf der Dusseldorfer Ausstellung 1902. Verein Dt. Portland-Cement-Fabrikanten u.d. Dt. BetonVerein. Berlin 1902. [1982 reprint.]
  4. Building The Evolution of an Industry. P. Morton Shand. Token Construction Co. Ltd. The Western Press Ltd. UK. 1954.
  5. TheGreatHudsonRiverBrickIndustryCommemorating Three and a Half Centuries of Brickmaking. George V. Hutton. Purple Mountain Press. Fleischmanns, NY 2003.
  6. Brooklyn Bridge 1883-1933. City of New York Department of Plant and Structures. 1933.
  7. The Great Bridge. David McCullough. Simon & Schuster. New York 1972.
  8. Thank Rosendale New York—The Empire State. Peter Genero. GENERO INC. Port Saint Lucie, FL. 2005.
  9. Rondout A Hudson River Port. Bob Steuding. Purple Mountain Press. Fleischmanns, NY. 1995.
  10. Monthly Labor Review. Labor Requirements in Cement Production. US Dept. of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Washington, DC Vol. 42, No. 16. 1936.
  11. Monthly Labor Review. Collective Bargaining in the Cement Industry. US Dept. of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Washington, DC Vol. 47, No. 1-6. 1938. [missing No. 5].
  12. Monthly Labor Review. Labor-Management Relations: Cement Industry. US Dept. of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Washington, DC Vol. 72, No. 1-6. 1951.

v8 issue 2 Additions to the Society Library  Sept 2006

  1. Geology of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park and Potomac River Corridor, District of Columbia, Maryland, West Verginia, and Virginea. Scott Southworth, David K. Brezinski, Randall C. Orndorff, Peter G. Chirico and Kerry M. Lagueux. U.S. Geological Survey. 2000. [Donated by Kurtis Burmeister]
  2. Monocacy Aqueduct on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Robert J. Kapsch & Elizabeth Perry Kapsch. Medley Press & Center for Historic Engineering & Architecture Research. Poolesville, MD. 2005.
  3. Rock Haven, KY and the Lime Kiln. Richard Briggs. Gary Kempf, editor. 2nd Ed. 2006.
  4. The Persistence of Sail in the Age of Steam, Underwater Archaeological Evidence from the Dry Tortugas. Donna J. Souza. Plenum Press. New York. 1998.
  5. Slattery. Meeting Heavy Construction Needs. Slattery Associates. Maspeth, NY. c1978.
  6. Slattery Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure. Slattery Associates. Maspeth, NY. c1986.
  7. Slattery Group Inc. Annual Report 1986.
  8. Slattery Group Inc. Annual Report 1988.
  9. Narrows Bridge Contract NB-5B Brooklyn Anchorage. Bid & Specifications. Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority. Robert Moses, Chairman. Ammann & Whitney, Consulting Engineers. New York. 1960.
  10. Shelter Designs for Protection Against Radioactive Fallout. Voorhees Walker Smith Smith & Haines, Architects. New York. 1960.
  11. Development of American Industries. J.G. Glover & W.B. Cornell. Prentice-Hall. New York. 1933.

v 8, issue 4 Winter 2006/7 Additions to the Society Library 

  1. Die Anlagen der Konigshofer Cement-Fabrik, A. G. in Konigshof bie Beraun, Bohmen. 48 pages, illustrations. Wien. 1911. [Cement Works in Austria. German.]
  2. In Memoriam — James W. Atkinson 1839-1904. 37 pages, illustrations. Moline, Ill. 1906. [Atkinson was a director of the Iola Portland Cement Co.]
  3. Second Annual Report of the Geological and Agricultural Survey of Texas. S.B. Buckley, State Geologist. Houston, TX. 1876. [Mentions that Rosendale cements extensively used in Austin. copy. ]
  4. Cement Mills Along the Potomac River. Thomas F. Hahn & Emory L. Kemp. Monograph Series Vol. II, No. 1. West Virginia University Institute for the History of Technology and Industrial Archaeology. Morgantown, WV. 1994.
  5. Catskill Culture. Phil Brown. Temple University Press. Philadelphia. 1998.
  6. 100 Years of Cement in Oglesby 1892-1992. Unknown author. 107 pages, illustrations. [ A history of the Marquett Cement Co. Possibly published by the Lone Star Corp.]
  7. 125 Years Weserhutte A Portait in words and Pictures. Eisenwerk Weserhutte AG. 152 pages, illustrations. Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. 1969. [Weserhutte is a German company that manufactures excavation machinery.]
  8. What Concrete Will Do. The Lawrence Cement Co. 194 pages, illustrations. New York. 1910. [The Rosendale works of this company was sold in 1902 to the Consolidated Rosendale Cement Co.]
  9. Fifty Years of Progress. Joseph S. Young. Lehigh Portland Cement Co. 32 pages, illustrations. Allentown, PA. 1947.
  10. Building for the Future, A 100 Year History of the Lehigh Portland Cement Company 1897-1997. William A. Salmon. 140 pages, illustrations. Kutztown, PA. 1997.

v9 issue 1 Additions to the Society Library 

50. The Concrete House and its Construction. Maurice M. Sloan. Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers. Philadelphia 1912.

51. Concrete Pipe Design Manual. American Concrete Pipe Association. Arlington, Va. 1970. 

52. Portland Cement Its Composition, Raw Materials, Manufacture, Testing and Analysis. Richard K. Meade. The Chemical Publishing Co. 1st ed. Easton, PA 1906. 

53. Portland Cement Its Composition, Raw Materials, Manufacture, Testing and Analysis. Richard K. Meade. The Chemical Publishing Co. 2nd ed. Easton, PA 1911. 

54. Portland Cement Its Composition, Raw Materials, Manufacture, Testing and Analysis. Richard K. Meade. The Chemical Publishing Co. 3rd ed. Easton, PA 1923. 

55. The Rotary Cement Kiln. Kurt E. Peray & Joseph J. Waddell. Chemical Publishing Co. New York 1972. 56. Practical Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars. Q.A. Gillmore. D. Van Nostrand. 1st ed. (1864) & 5th ed. (1874) New York.

v9 issue 2 Additions to the Society Library

57. Jay Gould The Story of a Fortune. Robert Irving Warshow. Greenberg. New York 1928. [Jay Gould and Oliver J. Tillson spent 1852 surveying Ulster County, spending many weekends at the Tillson farm in Rosendale working on the first large map of Ulster County.] 

58. The Sights and Secrets of the National Capital: A Work Descriptive of Washington City In all its Various Phases. John B. Ellis. United States Publishing Co. New York 1869. [Many Capital buildings were built using American Natural cement.] 

59. The Confederate Privateers. William Morrison Robinson, Jr. University of South Carolina Press. Paperback ed. Columbia, SC. 1990. Original pub. Yale University Press 1928. [Among the Union ships sunk by Confederate Privateers was the B.K. Eaton loaded with lime and cement from New York.] 

60. That Ancient Trail {The Old Mine Road} First Road of any Length Built in America. Amelia Stickney Decker. Petty Printing Co. Trenton, NJ. 1942. Signed by author. 

61. Tip of the Hill {An Informal History of the Fairfield Academy and the Fairfield Medical College.} Thomas C. O’Donnell. Black River Books. Boonville, NY. 1953. 

62. Water for Gotham A History. Gerard T. Koeppel. Princeton University Press. Princeton, NJ 2000. 

v9 Issue 3  Additions to the Society Library

  1. Elements of Geology for the Use of Schools and Academies. Wm. W. Mather. 5th Ed. New York. Gates & Stedman. 1845.
  2. The Hudson-Fulton Celebration MCMIX. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition Vol. I. W.R. Valentiner. New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1909.
  3. Lobo, Rag, and Vixen. Ernest Seton-Thompson. New York. Charles Scribner’s Sons. 1907 [This little book comes from the Cottekill School Dist No. 5 Town of Rosendale library.]
  4. Welland Canal Company. Hugh G.J. Aitken. Harvard University Press. 1954. Reprint Canadian Canal Society. St Catherines, Ontario, Canada. 1997
  5. A Treatise on Engeneering Construction. J. E. Shields. D. Van Nostrand. New York. 1877. Reprint.
  6. A History of Ulster County Under the Dominion of the Dutch. Augustus H. Van Buren. Kingston, NY. 1923. Reprint. J.C. & A. L. Fawcett. 1989. Astoria, NY.

Vol 9, issue 4 Additions to the Society Library

69. Sojourner Truth Ain’t I a Women? Patricia C. & Fredrick McKissack. Scholastic Inc. New York. 1992. 

70. Rudimentary Treatise on LIMES, CEMENTS, MORTARS, MASTICS, PLATERING, Etc. George R. Burnell, C.E. John Weale. London. 1850. 

71. University and Historical Addresses. James Bryce. Macmillian Co. New York. 1913. [Bryce was the Ambassador from Great Britain 1907-1913] 

72-88. Image Album & Scenes Remembered. CD Series. Stan Graham. Century Publishing. 2003. See page 3 for list of titles. 

Stan Graham Century Publishing 

Image Albums CD Series 

72. Hudson Steamers 215
73. The Hudson 107
74. Boats and Ships 185
75. The Poughkeepsie Bridge 

76. Poughkeepsie Leisure 145
77. Poughkeepsie 228 
78. Vassar Songbook 162 
79. Vassar Campus 141 
80. Vassar Humor
81. Sketches of Vassar 

82. Coney Island 214 
83. Bathing Suit Edition 126 
84. Just Kids 243
85. The Jersey Shore 

86. Hudson (River)
87. The Horseless Carriage 
88. Central Park 

(Volume 10 to come…)

V11 issue 1 Additions to the Society Library 

158. Corporate Meetings, Minutes, and Resolutions. Lillian Doris and Edith J. Friedman. PrenticeHall, Inc. New York 1946. [This book was originally owned by William J. Burns, vice president of the Century Cement Manufacturing Co., Inc.] 

159. A Slumbering Giant of the Past. Fort Jefferson, U.S.A. in the Dry Tortugas. Rodman Bethel. Self published. Printed by W.L. Lith, Inc., Hialeah, Fl. 1979. [Rosendale Natural cement was used in the construction of this Fort. Rosendale Natural Cement is being used in restoration work.] 

160. Spheres Poems by Patricia Argiro. Patricia Regan Argiro. Self published. Printed by Spear Printing Co., Washingtonville, NY. 1978. Cover design by Staats Fasoldt. [Patricia Argiro reported on the Rosendale scene for the New Paltz Herald during the 1980s.] 

161. Specifications for Concrete. The City of New York Municipal Service Administration, Department of Public Works. Frederick A. Davidson , Jr. P.E. Commissioner. 1969. [Thanks to Linda Tantillo for the donation of this book.] 

162. Merriman Dam. Contract 390. Information for Bidders, etc. for Construction of Merriman Dam. Town of Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York. Board of Water Supply of the City of New York. 1946. 

163. Merriman Dam. Contract 390. Drawings for Construction of Merriman Dam. Town of Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York. Board of Water Supply of the City of New York. 1946. 

164. Bats of the United States. Harvey, M.J.; Altenbach, J.S.; Best, T.L. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. 1999. [Great photos of all nine bat species that live in New York State. Thanks to Tim Allred for the donation of this book.] 

165. Thereby Hangs a Corpse. A Hangman’s House Mystery. Clarence Mullen. Parsee Publications. New York. 1946. [ The story takes palace Mid Town Kingston and on the Rondout.]
166. A Good Place for Murder. A Phoenix Mystery. Clarence Mullen. Phoenix Press. New York. 1948. [The locale for this story is one of the old cement mines used to grow mushrooms in the Kingston area.] 

V 11 issue 3 Additions to the Society Library 

170 The Industrial Archeology of a Rosendale Cement Works at Whiteport. Dennis E. Howe. Whiteport Press. Kingston, New York. 2009. [Donated by Michael Pavlov.-] 

171 Life on a Pogo Stick, Autobiography of a Comedian. Ken Murray. Introductions by Edgar Bergen, Bing Crosby and Chick Young. Holt, Rhinehart & Winston. New York. 1960. [Includes a chapter of living in Rosendale at the former Monkey Farm on Mountain Road.] 

172 Stopping the Plant. Miariam D. Silverman. State University of New York Press. Albany, New York. 2006.

173 Eire Water West A History of the Erie Canal 1792-1854. Ronald E. Shaw. University Press of Kentucky. Lexington, KY. 1966, Reprint 1990. [Includes a brief section on Canvass White and the introduction of American cement.] 

174 Yesterday’s Milwaukee. Robert W. Wells. E.A. Seeman Publishing, Inc. Miami, FL. 1976. 175 Limestone Locks and Overgrowth The Rise and Decent of the Chenango Canal. Michelle A. McFee. Purple Mountain Press. Fleischmanns, NY 1993. 

176 A Catskills Boyhood My Life Along the Hudson: 1908-1921. Philip H. DuBois. Black Dome Press. Hensonville, NY. 1992.

177 The Old Eagle-Nester The Lost Legends of the Catskills. Doris West Brooks. Black Dome Press. Hensonville, NY. 1992. 

178 Manufacture and Uses of Concrete Products and Cast Stone. H.L. Childe. Concrete Publications Ltd. London. 2nd ed. 1927.

179 Grey Powder A True Story. Charles Fuschino. Cosmos Publishing Co. New York. 1949.