Who was Widow Jane?

“Widow Jane” was Jane LeFever (LeFevre) Snyder, born Nov 26, 1820, died April 15, 1904, at age 83. She’s buried in the Rosendale Plains Cemetery in Tillson, NY, with her husband James Snyder (1819-1852) and many sons who died in early childhood. Thus, she was 52 years a widow.

What’s her relationship to the other Snyders and the Snyder Estate?

“Widow” Jane’s relationship with A.J. Snyder I

Jane was probably the sister-in-law of Andrew J. Snyder I’s wife Catherine. A. J. I ran the Synder & Sons Cement company on the estate.
I’d like to see more evidence that James S. Snyder was Jacob Louw Snyder’s son, although that seems to be true.

Jane owned property with her daughter Maria Snyder Sheeley adjacent to Cottekill Rd. back in 1903 and probably before that.

Snyder property section of the 1903 map of the Consolidated Rosendale Cement Company properties.

There was no mining on Jane’s property, but as you can see, practically all the cement mines were absorbed into the Consolidated Rosendale Cement Company in 1902 and 1903. The mines on the Snyder Estate were not part of the Consolidation, but that’s another story.

What about Jane Munn, the wife of John James Snyder?

The dates tell all: John James Snyder (son of A.J. Snyder I) 2/6/1799-3/25/1874 . Jane Munn Snyder (his second wife) 1803-6/21/1860 . This Jane was never a widow, but John was twice a widower. He remarried Rebecca Wager (1805-11/14/1875) who indeed was a widow, but only for about a year and 8 months, and was not named Jane.

The real mystery is: why is the mine named after Jane and when did that start happening?