Bash The Trash! 2017

Sunday July 23, 2017, 3pm – 5pm

  • Admission : 5 and under, free! All others: $10. Tickets sold only at the event.Cash payment / no credit cards.
  • As with all events in the Widow Jane Mine, bring a folding chair, and dress for damp, cool weather even in the summer!
  • Child friendly! But children must be accompanied by an adult
  • See below for advice on what materials to bring.

Join Bash the Trash for an immersive afternoon of music, dance and sonic exploration. Create your own musical instruments from recycled and reused materials, then take part in a fun and noisy parade into the Widow Jane Mine to see “Poodle Miniatures: Portrait of a Poodle”. This dance/theater piece was inspired by a remarkable dog – Alonso – and here he is, as interpreted by a Lady in a hat and purse: the Argentine/French ballerina and clown Sandra Zuniga, backed by a quartet of Bash the Trash musicians.  Finally all will join in an antiphonal sonic exploration of the mine in which everyone becomes a mobile music maker.

This is a very family friendly show!

Sandra Zuniga

Poodle Miniatures: Portrait of a Poodle

Co-founder Carina Piaggio brings her newest movement / theater work to the intriguing  Century House/Widow Jane Mine’s underground stage. This piece explores the commonality of balletic grace and obsessive behavior, blurring the lines between lady and puppy, between human and pet; neither Lady nor Poodle, but a confluence of both.


Please bring your own materials if you can for making instruments. BTT will also supply materials, but the more of yourself you put into these instruments, the more you’ll enjoy them!

  • NO GLASS or other breakable objects

  • Tin cans – many sizes – careful of sharp edges!  No soda cans.
  • Plastic bottles or cans with removable tops (like aspirin bottles, coffee cans, soda bottles, etc.).  Please include the tops.
  • “Shaky stuff” for building shakers – beads, pebbles, paper clips, aquarium rocks etc.  No food.
  • Cardboard tubes – paper towel, gift wrapping, plastic wrap, rug tubes (toilet paper tubes are generally too short)
  • Plastic straws
  • Various plastic buckets, oatmeal barrels, drum-like or bell-like items, etcPlease, nothing that can be dangerous if broken (by enthusiastic drumming, etc.).
  • Duct Tape, string, straps, rubber bands, and other things useful for making parade instruments.

Here’s the Bash The Trash website with more information and videos: