Yolanda DID


Yolanda DID is a Contemporary Dance Installation with seven dancers, one poet, seven casted bodies in gesso, and music for a duration of 45 minutes that was performed on July 31, 2016. The audience was be able to move around the space in order to see the entire performance or sit in one place and enjoy what is being developed in front of them. This event took place in the Widow Jane Mine as a benefit for The Century House Historical Society.

The Widow Jane Mine at the Snyder Estate historically was a space was where people extracted material in order to build something new, taking from nature to build a manmade structures such as the Brooklyn Bridge. People also undergo similar extracting and rebuilding inside their bodies and minds, carrying our vessel or container for which we hold our life experiences. As people evolve, continuing to extract and rebuild thought and physical appearance, we have accepted the changes into our habits and routine. This transience that coincides with adaptation, implements our conversations, thoughts, interactions and quality of movements.

Sarah Lisette Chiesa is an international contemporary dance-based artist. She has danced professionally with Shen Wei Dance Arts, Sidra Bell Dance NY, Tania Perez-Salas in Mexico City, Hubert Lepka of Austria, and Franca Ferrari of Italy. Sarah is currently the director and creator of Moving Violations Dance Company showing work in Santiago Chile, Rimini Italy, and now NY. Her film Yolanda, which is an adaptation of Yolanda DID premiered in Fotografia Europea Festival Circuito Off in Reggio Emilia Italy in May 2016.

“I live to create works that evoke emotional and spacial perspectives. I call them Moving Violations.”
gesso-torso sarah-torso