The New Cicada Trio 2022

On September 3rd at 3pm, The New Cicada Trio will bring the sounds of exquisite voices, guitar, violin, and clarinet to the Mine.

The New Cicada Trio is a collaborative project of singer/violinist Iva Bittová, clarinetist David Rothenberg and singer/guitarist Timothy Hill. The broad range of sources of inspiration the three share makes for music that defies easy categorization. 

Born in Czech Republic, Bittová has created a highly expressive musical style blending Moravian folk, early and modern classical, jazz and rock. She has performed with Bobby McFerrin, Fred Frith, Bang-on-a-Can All-Stars, and others.

Rothenberg is known as an interspecies collaborator, having authored books on the subject of the musical lives of birds, bugs and whales, each with a companion CD of music. He has performed with Peter Gabriel, Marilyn Crispell, Karnataka College of Percussion, and others.

Hill is an early pioneer of bringing the art of harmonic (overtone) singing into a Western choral context through his work with David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir and beyond. He has performed with John Cage, Pete Seeger, Brad Mehldau, and others.

The Trio is highly informed and responsive to the sound environment of the natural world and its inhabitants, including mankind in the great variety of its manifestations through history and place.

The New Cicada Trio grew out of a special collaborative project of Pauline Oliveros, David Rothenberg, and Timothy Hill, inaugurated in 2013 to mark the emergence of the 17-year cicada brood that year. That project, called the Cicada Dream Band, resulted in an album of the same name. After Oliveros’ death in 2016, Rothenberg and Hill invited Iva Bittová to collaborate and the group was christened the New Cicada Trio.

The New Cicada Trio has recorded two live albums for Terra Nova Music, Live In Beacon (2017) , and Breathe, Earth (2019).