Performances And Media

The Century House Historical Society hosts musical, poetical, and theatrical events in the Widow Jane Mine.

A perennial event is the appearance of the Taiko Masala troupe, playing traditional Japanese music on huge drums, and combining that with dances and martial arts.

Another yearly event is the Subterranean Poetry Festival.

A number of performers and artist create or adapt pieces specifically for the Mine. A good example is  “Seeds Under Nuclear Winter: and Earth Opera”,  and the Dzieci Theatre ‘s production of MAKBET.

In addition to these benefit events, there are sometimes special pop-up event days sprinkled through the year to remind visitors to visit the site!

Here are some links to videos and sound recordings of past performances in the Mine:

The Widow Jane Mine is also used in Music videos, short and independent films, and even longer films!

  • Angel Dust (2019) by Brandon Brumm – the story of Lucifer’s fall from heaven.
  • After Her (2017) by Ali Migliori – A teen goes goes missing and her friend is haunted by the disappearance. An atmospheric sci-fi about the archetypal lost girl.
    STARRING Natalia Dyer and Christopher Dylan White
  • The Strange Ones (2018) has a few scenes shot in the Mine. The short it was based on (2011) also was shot there.
  • Rise UP (2006) with rapper Alex Schein

If you or your organization would like to stage an event at the Snyder Estate or in the Widow Jane Mine, contact us at!