Blue Museum and Setting Sun 2022

Join us on August 6th at 3PM for these two exciting bands!

Blue Museum:

Blue Museum started a few years ago by Michael Hollis, but they found their sound when Jeremy Boniello joined the project and began contributing his songs to the band.

Michael and Jeremy composed their new record when everyone was forced into isolation during the pandemic and enlisted award winning composer/producer/engineer Scott Petito to help them realize their vision on Room to Breathe. Room to Breathe draws influences from power pop groups such as The Lemonheads, 90’s alternative like The Flaming Lips, and experimental indie rock like Phil Elvrum and Wilco.

The band is excited to share the songs from Room to Breathe with the world. You can catch them live with their full band featuring Phoebe Heretz on vocals and keyboards, Phil Motl on drums, Josh Boniello on bass, and of course, Michael Hollis and Jeremy Boniello on guitar and vocals.

Artist Websites:

Setting Sun:

Full 4-piece band playing mostly new songs from the upcoming record from Setting Sun.

“Incredibly well-crafted songs – USA Today

Unobtrusively, the band mixes synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band sound to great effect.” – NPR

“Dramatic and poignant!” – NPR

Band members:

Gary Levitt – Guitars / Vocals

John Burdick – Bass / Vocals

Lawrence Roper – Synth / Vocals

Jonathan Hambright – Drums