Inner Spaces III: Ovid’s Metamorphoses 2016




Inner Spaces III took place in the Widow Jane Mine as a benefit for The Century House Historical Society at the Snyder Estate, 668 Rte. 213, Rosendale, NY, at 3pm on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

Inner Spaces invites you to enter the cool shadows of the cavernous Widow Jane Mine, a half-submerged remnant of the industrial age that has evolved into an underground cathedral for the arts. This resonating chamber and primordial space awakens the inner spirit of the dreamer, shining a new light on the subconscious and offering us a deeper understanding of our earliest human nature.

Inner Spaces is an open proposition for everyone to “take a walk into the mountain” and to share with the artists this quest for creative realization and transformation.

Ovid provided humanity with a mythical blueprint in order to help our own transformations to take place. This year UAU will be weaving a tapestry of 6 of Ovid’s myths through dance, performance, singing, music and visual art based on a musical score written by Benjamin Britten.

Participants include members and specials guests of UAU including but not limited to:

Laurence De Seve – performance
Inessa Zaretsky – piano
Keve Wilson – oboe
Julie Rose – choreography
Andrey Tamarchenko – painting
Alison Hoornbeek – photography installation

Ulster Arts Underground is a creative collective where each artist accepts the responsibility to sculpt and to be sculpted by the group, to adapt oneself and one’s own work to serve the group’s goal: like a little universe, we are our own cavern, excavating, creating from a common reflection, searching for a commonly rooted invisible that has to become visible to the public.

The Snyder Estate where Widow Jane Mine is located began in the early 1800s as a family farm. With the discovery of limestone rock suitable for the production of natural cement, the site experienced substantial industrial growth until the 1970s. In 1992 the Snyder Estate Natural Cement Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Today Century House Historical Society maintains the former site of the Snyder family’s home and industrial works as both a monument to those who worked in the industry and a site for educational and cultural events.

Inner Spaces events are produced by UAU in collaboration with CHHS.