Dada Spill

More than 300 people of all ages wound their way through the Widow Jane Mine at the Century House Historical Society (CHHS) in Rosendale On Sunday, July 28, 2013 to take part in a multi-media event entitled “Dada spill.”

Anne Gorrick, president of the CHHS, welcomed people into the cave and said the “Dada spill” event is a “meditative and thought-provoking experience of how this space was used in the industrial era. It was used as a cement mine, there were mushrooms grown here, it was used for an atomic bomb shelter and now many of the adjoining caves are used for document storage. The presentation is a way to think about our local industrial history, situated in this magnificent space, which is really a living museum. I love the idea that a modern use for this space is for art!”

The event combined two themes: Dada, the name of the art/literary movement that originated in reaction to the horrors of World War I, as well as “data spill,” which refers to a security breach. With that, Mau Schoettle and Kate Hamilton collaboratively produced “The Mine Project — Dada spill.”

Read the Dada Spill for more information!