Eotechnic Sensorium Artists: Michael Asbill

Michael Asbill

Contemplating Collapse: Tree Rings

Tree Rings is a sculptural intervention that is part of a larger protect contemplating the looming and likely extinction of the North
American ash forest. In this progressive, summer long project, 8 to 10 dead ash trees will be felled and the stumps will be cut at an angle to the height of a lectern or pulpit. angled surface will be sanded smooth and oiled to emphasize the growth rings. The rings will be counted and each stump will be identified by the date that the tree first appeared the property. The remaining tree will be cut into rounds and cordwood and stacked near the stump. Every stump will become a podium with a simple set of instructions that invites each viewer to step up and make a statement that begins with the following phrase, “In (year) an ash sapling took root in this spot..” Over the course of the show, specialized speakers will make longer performative presentations beginning with the same phrase