2015 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Last season we inaugurated what we hoped at the time could be a new annual Century House Historical Society event; an outdoor sculpture exhibition on the grounds of the Snyder Estate. We presented ‘MINERS’ curated by artist and CHHS Board of Trustees member, Laura Moriarty. It was a wonderful success, enjoyed by many visitors who came to explore our unique property not only for its natural wonders, but also to look at contemporary works of art that mined the historical relevance of the site.

In anticipation of our 2015 season, we put out a Call for Curators and Artists interested in putting together a show for CHHS Projects 2015, which resulted in our selection of a proposal by Laura Johansen for a show entitled EXCAVATE.

For CHHS Projects 2015, Johansen has put together a group show who will broadly interpret her theme of excavation: to expose to view by, or as if by, digging away a covering.

The artists featured in this exhibition include: Chris Victor, Heather Hutchison, Kathy Goodell, Susan Meyer, Veleta Vancza, Karlos Carcamo, Micah Blumenthal, Chelsea Culpepper, and John Cleater & Brian Dewan.

Like last year’s presentation, most of the artists of EXCAVATE will be creating special site-responsive projects. We are excited to see what they will do, and look forward to celebrating their work with visitors during the opening on Sunday, June 28th!

If you can’t make it to the opening, visit EXCAVATE during the CHHS season.

Note: Beth E. Wilson and Simon Draper’s HABITAT for ARTISTS project was selected for CHHS Projects 2015, but is on hold for the time being. We look forward to presenting this project at some point in the future.